to traditional tunes

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Zechariah and Elizabeth

I've discovered that there are many hymns describing the birth of John the Baptist from Zechariah's perspective, but few to none from Elizabeth's perspective.

As an Elizabeth, I felt it my duty to right that wrong as best I can.

This is an advent hymn celebrating Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, the meeting of John and the Christ child, and the joy of advent.  It is set to TERRA BEATA, a tune commonly used for the hymn "This Is My Father's World."

A Little Christmas Communion

I have long been a fan of sung communion liturgies.  This one, set to the tune for "O Little Town of Bethlehem," is perfect for a contemplative Advent or Christmas communion service.

What God Has Promised

In this hymn arrangement, I have married the traditional Celtic tune "The Parting Glass" to the text of "What God Hath Promised," a 19th century hymn by Annie Johnson Flint.

I take original credit for neither work; here, I am the arranger only.  Both text and tune have been edited to adapt to one another.

I am struck in the words of this hymn how eternal so many of our questions are.  Ms. Flint wrote here a beautiful reminder that theodicy is not about what God hasn't done, but what God has done for us.

Permission is given for use in congregational worship.  Please give the following credit:  "© Elizabeth M. Strobel - www.elizabethstrobel.com"